Men and women with a mild to medium intellectual disability and aged between approximately 14 to 40 are eligible to play for the Spiders Senior Squad and participate in the FIDA Football League, which is a mixed and officially recognised State-wide competition for people with an intellectual disability.

The FIDA football season commences in April and consists of 10 games plus finals, generally played fortnightly on a Sunday morning at venues around Melbourne and at Jubilee Park (Ringwood), our home ground.

For 2024, each game consists of four 20 minute quarters with up to 18 players per side. It is a mixed competition and girls are very welcome to participate.

We envisage for 2024, the Spiders field a team in Division B.

In the past, we have had two Senior teams due to high numbers: The Reds and The Blacks. Each team played in a different division, which gave players of different skill levels the opportunity to play at their best and not be intimidated.

Training is conducted during the pre-season (February to end March) on a Sunday morning. Pre-season sessions may include ball skills, fitness and challenges or other physical activity, etc.

Once the season commences in April, training shifts to Jubilee Park on a Wednesday evening where the focus is more on-field oriented through drills and skill development.

A Grand Final is held for each division in the FIDA competition, providing the opportunity for all levels of players to reach the dream of holding a premiership trophy. Our first success came in 1994 when we were known as the Ringwood Blues and went through the entire season undefeated; more on that in our History page.

As the Spiders, we won the Division 2 premiership 2009 and the Blacks repeated the success of '94 in 2014, going through the season undefeated and winning the premiership. They certainly celebrated each win as if it were an AFL premiership.

In 2013 both the Reds and Blacks were runners-up, and then the Reds were premiers in 2015. The Spiders were runners-up again in 2019..

However, we are not just about winning and have had our fair share of losses. Sure winning is great for morale, but it is equally important to be gracious in defeat, which is something we instil in all participants as life is not always about winning.

Transport for players is provided to all away games via a bus that departs from Ringwood. We sincerely thank the Bendigo Community Bank East Ringwood for their support with the bus as it allows us to travel as a team, which further enhances team spirit and friendships. We strongly encourage parents, carers, family and friends to attend games and lend their support and cheer the team on!

Senior Squad membership includes:

  • FIDA registration;
  • Participation in all training sessions;
  • Ringwood Spiders polo shirt and hoody (first time new members);
  • Participation trophy presented at our end of year Trophy Presentation dinner;
  • Inclusion in all social and recreation activities (either free of charge or at a subsidised cost).
  • Weekly dinners after training throughout the season (small charge applies) that from time to time includes games or information sessions.
The cost of the program for 2024 will be $170.00 per person plus a $30.00 one-off registration fee for new players. Once registered, full program details are provided.

To find out more, download a Senior Squad flyer and/or contact a committee member to make further arrangements.

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Senior squad
Senior squad
Senior squad
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